Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Way The Rain Comes Down: Part 3 (The End!)

...and thus comes the end of my little Price fantasy. Thanks for humoring me with your comments (Meaghan and Maegen!)... Of course this story wasn't meant to be anything in depth, just something to occupy the mind for a bit. Enjoy Part 3 and a couple more pictures of my favorite Cowboy. :o)

Part 3

I called the tow-truck place with not much success.  After I put a message on the phone, I hung up and gulped down the rest of my wine.  We were already halfway through the bottle and Carey was just finishing up with the dinner prep.  The combination of the hot shower, the wine, and knowing that Carey was interested in me like I was interested in him, already had me feeling overly intoxicated.

Mindlessly, I began attempting to piece his phone back together.  After popping the battery back in, we realized it still worked, but he was definitely going to need a new one since the screen was annoyingly cracked right down the center.  “I hope you have insurance on it,” I frowned.

“Believe me, I do.  This would not be the first time I’ve busted a phone,” he laughed.  “I’m hard on them.”

“Do you take them out on the ice with you?” I joked.

“You would think so,” he smiled back at me.  Each time he smiled, I was crushing more and more on him and the look in his eyes gave me the feeling that my panties might melt off at any moment.

“I think I’m going to need some water,” I announced, sliding off the stool and heading over to the sink.  Any more alcohol without food in my stomach and I would be drooling on the counter.  I must have tripped on the cuff of my pants because suddenly Carey’s arms were around my waist and pulling me upright.

“Water might be a good idea,” Carey laughed.  “But,” he continued, scooping me into his arms and carrying me back over to my stool.  “Just sit here, I’ll get it for you and you can have it with dinner since its ready.”

He gently sat me down and I smiled, slightly embarrassed.  “Sorry,” I said quietly. 

“Don’t worry, I’m feeling it a little myself,” he said seriously.  He was still really close to me, his eyes staring into mine.  Next thing I knew we were kissing.

His pillow lips were soft, unsurprisingly tasting like the wine we were sharing.  Instinctively, my hand went up to his face and gently cupped it, coaxing him to keep kissing me.

When she had alcohol on board, she was unsteady on her feet.  When I had alcohol on board, I got brazen.  With the combination of wine on an empty stomach and the feel of her against me when I picked her up, I couldn’t help myself.  She already knew that I was interested in her, so crossing this bridge was all too easy.

Maybe it was the way she looked even sexier in my clothing or maybe it was how natural it felt to be with her.  I’m not sure, but I was sure that I wanted to kiss her. 

She tasted sweet, like the raspberry wine we were sharing, and when she touched my cheek, I took that as a sign to deepen the kiss.

Sure, this wasn’t the first time I made out with a stranger.  However, the circumstance of how this all came to be were definitely different.  Hailey wasn’t some slut from a club.  She was a girl with a cool personality who I was immediately attracted to for not only her looks, but also for who she was.  There was definitely potential for something a little more than just a fuck.  The heat from her lips and fingers felt like they were melting through my skin, causing me to pull back to catch a breath of sanity.

Her lips were now swollen from the kiss.  She looked up at my shyly and bit her lip.  Instead of saying anything to ruin the moment, I stepped back and gave us both some room.  I poured her a glass of water and then set that and a plate of food in front of her.  After a few moments of awkward tension, we began eating and making more small talk, almost like nothing happened, despite the look in her eyes telling a whole different story.

“So where do you work?” Carey asked.

I laughed silently, finding this whole situation quite silly.  The kiss we had shared several minutes ago was replaying in fast-forward over and over again, making it hard to concentrate on eating, but once the food hit my stomach, it got easier to shovel it into my mouth.

“I work for an insurance company.  I am an actuary,” I said simply, just waiting for the humorous look of confusion I usually got, to cover his face.  …three…two…one…there it is!

“Alright, I’m lost.  What is that?”

“I calculate someone’s risk.”

“Their risk?”


“For what?  Do people come to you when they want to know how dangerous they are living their life or something?” Carey asked, pausing intently for my answer.

I laughed lightly and nodded.  “Kind of.  Insurance companies need to figure out how much of a risk they are taking when they take on a new client, usually this has to do with big corporations or just some millionaire who needs some huge ass policy to cover his butt when things go wrong.”

“Did you ever calculate the risk of a hockey player?” he asked curiously.

“I do know my company is the primary insurer of the Habs,” I informed him.

His eyes lit up, “Oh that’s cool,” he said with his mouth full; making me almost spit mine out as I laughed.  He finally swallowed his food, shook his head and continued our conversation.  “So I’m assuming that is a lot of math?”

“I’ve always loved math,” I admitted.

“Geek,” he picked.

“No doubt,” I laughed.

“So you’re smart and pretty…what are you doing still single?” he bravely asked, making me shiver once again with the way his blue eyes looked at me.

I took a sip of my water and set it down before answering.  “Not fair to put me on the spot like that.”

“You don’t have to answer,” he said quietly.  “I guess I should have just asked if you are single.”

This made me smile.  His gentleman act seemed genuine.  “Yes, I am single.  Probably not by choice, but in all honesty, I’m not real big on meeting guys at bars, which is where most people our age meet people.”

“Instead you’d rather meet them on the sidewalk?” he raised a humored eyebrow.

“Yup.  It’s easier to test their chivalrous ways and if they can pick out a good bottle of wine,” I said as serious as possible before reaching across the counter and stealing his half-filled glass and took a healthy gulp.

As soon as it was away from my lips he snatched it back.  “You are supposed to be drinking your glass of water!” he scolded.  “I’m fairly sure if you end up drunk, I’m going to have to take you to the hospital, considering the day you have already had…”

I giggled, hiccupped and then giggled again.

She sweet talked me into giving her some more wine.  Of course I only filled her glass half-way, for the simple reason that I didn’t want her drunk.  I wanted her to remember what was inevitably going to happen tonight.  The longer we sat there talking, throwing meaningful glances at each other and flirting, the more I wanted her.

When we finished dinner, she helped me clean up and the physical flirting ramped up.

“Stay outta my space,” she chirped, hip checking me while she laughed.

“Stay outta mine,” I played, quickly scooping up a handful of suds and blowing them into her hair.  Next thing I knew we were having a bubble fight and I was chasing her around the kitchen.  She wasn’t very fast, but with how much shorter she was than me; she had no problem dodging my opportunities of really getting her with the bubbles.  Given the day she had thus far, I shouldn’t have been shocked when I watched her slip on a wet spot on the tile floor and fall hard on her butt.

“Oooowwwww!” she howled in between laughter.  It was actually hard to tell if she was crying or laughing.  She laid down on her back on the floor and rolled onto her side, grabbing her butt.  “I don’t think I’m going to be able to sit for at least a weeeeeeek,” she cried.

I bent over and placed my hands on my knees as I stood there trying not to laugh, yet failing miserably.  “Are you okay?” I finally asked, holding a hand out to pull her up off the floor.  Instead of getting up, she pulled hard and next thing I knew, I was down on the ground with her.  She laughed at my surprise but soon the only thing that could be heard was the beating of our hearts and the heavy breathing it was causing.

I maneuvered myself over top of her, straddling my legs at her waist and leaned down to kiss her.  When my lips touched hers, she pulled me down on top of her.  When we took a breath, she whispered, “I don’t normally do this…”

I didn’t really know what to say because this wasn’t anything new for me.  Instead of lying or saying the obvious, I began kissing her again.  I shivered when her hands slid up and underneath my shirt.  Her touch lingered everywhere she touched, I could have sworn that if I looked in the mirror I would be able to see her finger prints on my skin, like a brand.  The intensity of our kisses grew and before I knew it, she was slipping my shirt over my head.

“Hailey,” I whined into her ear when she slipped her hands to my chest, dragging her nails lightly over my skin.  I was now lying on top of her, but carefully distributing my weight so I wouldn’t crush her; of course the more we made out the more I began to grind my length against her mound. 

I was kissing her neck when she wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me against her, the friction causing her to cry out.  “Caaaarrreeeyyy,” she cried.

“If you keep doing that, I’m going to crush you,” I growled.  Before she could argue, I threaded an arm behind her back and flipped us, so that I was now underneath.  I hissed when the cold tiles hit my hot skin, but that quickly turned into a groan as she continued the not-so innocent dry-humping session and kissing.

His large hands easily pulled off the oversized sweatshirt and then cupped my breasts coaxing them to his mouth.  I threaded my hands through his thick head of hair and leaned forward so that he could have better access to my aching breasts.  I was in need of his mouth all over my body at this point and even more in need to have him inside of me.  Suddenly it was obvious we were going to be getting down and dirty on the cold, kitchen floor.  I squeaked when he lightly bit my nipple, sending a jolt of electricity straight to my clit.  There was a devilish smile still on his lips when he wrapped his arms around me and pressed them to my own swollen lips.  Our bodies pressed together, felt like the heat you felt in the dead of summer.  Easily he pulled my ponytail out and feathered it out by running his fingers through it so that it was surrounding us.

After several more long-winded kisses, I began moving down his chest, dragging my hair across his skin, knowing by his shortening breaths that he was enjoying the anticipation as much as I was enjoying running my tongue over his taught, skin.  His body was a beautiful, muscular masterpiece.  Just seeing him in his street clothes, I would have never guessed he was built like the Italian sculptures we studied in art class.

I giggled when he jumped and hissed as I ran my teeth over the indent right above his waist line.  “You’re evil, Hailey,” he growled.  I lifted my head, looked up at him and just smiled all while I tugging.  Helping me remove the restraint of his shorts, he lifted his hips and I quickly slid down the rest of the length of his body to position myself over his thick erection.  He groaned when my hand first wrapped around his stick and began working him.  After a couple strokes, I took the smooth, hard length in my mouth, swallowing him until I couldn’t go anymore.

Carey’s hands threaded into my hair and gently guided me. The more he groaned, the faster I worked him and the harder I sucked.  The way he tasted and the feeling of him in my mouth made me moan with each twist up and down his length.  It became inevitable that I would be finishing him off when I felt the pressure of his fingers on my head because stronger and his balls began to constrict.  “Fuck Hailey, I’m going to fucking cum!” he hissed between his teeth.  One moan from me and I was taking him for every drop.

Not sure if I would have expected her to give the world’s best blow job by just looking at her choice in rain-boots, but then again you can never judge a book by its cover.  Hailey might not normally do this sort of thing, but she definitely had a few tricks in her book that I had just been privy to.

“I think my luck is changing,” she smiled, licking her lips.

“Told you this was neutral territory,” I chuckled, pulling her up to me so that I could kiss her.  Sliding my hands down her sides, I realized her pants had slid down, leaving her practically naked.  Without thinking twice, I slid them down the rest of the way and then grabbed her perfect ass cheeks with my hands.  “You are flawless,” I whispered into her ear, meaning every word.  She smiled shyly back at me, her blue eyes sparkling again.

Without saying a word, I sat up, with her straddling me before agilely picking her up and carrying her down the hall and into the living room.  Playfully dropping her on the couch, I didn’t waist time burying my face between her legs, kissing her erogenous spots, making her squirm and leave out happy mewing sounds.  When my tongue touched her clit, she left out a low moan and threw her head back into the pillow.  “Fuck, Carey…”

I smiled to myself and took another lick for good measure before delving farther into her glistening folds.  It was hard not to get turned on by all her small breaths and hisses as I gave her my thank-you for the pre-game she gave me.  After sliding two fingers into her warm core, it only took a couple come-hither motions and she was coming hard, pulling my hair taught.

She was still shivering from the orgasm when I slid up her body and pushed my dick into her.  The screams of pleasure easily made me hard and ready to go again.  Her eyes flew open so quickly with surprise that I stopped mid-stroke to make sure I wasn’t getting the signals mixed.

“Hailey?” I whispered.

“I just wasn’t expecting you,” she smiled sedately before sliding her hands down to my ass and pulling me deeper into her.

I dropped my head against her forehead and pressed my lips firmly to hers, stealing a few breaths from her and moaning at how good she felt.  After a couple slow test strokes, I sat up, tilted up her hips, and began hitting her hard.

It was all too easy to wrap my legs around him, the feeling of him so deep inside made me close my eyes.  But I didn’t leave them closed for long, especially since I had such a sexy picture to look at.  If I wouldn’t have been enjoying every time he pushed me into the couch cushions, I would have probably drooled each time I watched the muscles in his arms and abdomen constrict and relax.

“My eyes are up here,” he played, tilting his head and winking at me with a cocky smile before pushing deep once more.

I smiled and locked eyes with his beautiful brown ones.

“Do you trust me?” he asked, pulling completely out and running his finger-tips up and down my wet, overly-sensitive spot.

I shut my legs on his hand and raised an eyebrow in competition.  He retracted his hand and grabbed my wrist with his other hand, pulling me up off the couch.  Situating himself on the couch so that he was sitting comfortably with his legs spread, he turned me so that I was facing away and pulled me backwards.  With his hands on my hips, he guided me down and onto his still hardened erection.  I braced myself on his thighs and left out a sigh.  It was as if he was meant to be buried inside of me for life.

He set the rhythm, taking me along for the ride.  Eventually I leaned fully back against him and rested the back of my on his shoulder, allowing him to do all the work.  He didn’t seem to mind and with the way he was hitting my g-spot, I was soon going to lose control all together anyway.

Turning my face towards him, we proceeded to play our own version of hockey with our tongues and his hands were all over me.  As I came his lips had found their way to the small of my neck and his fingers were pulling on my nipples, causing me to cum harder than the first time.  I slammed my head back on his shoulder and cried out his name.  He came right after, our cries of ecstasy suddenly filling the room together.

“Fuck,” he breathed, coming down from the high we had just given each other.

“Wow,” I also breathed.

We sat there together allowing our breathing to slow down.  It was quiet but soon my phone began blaring from my purse that was sitting on the end table next to us.  With his long arms Carey reached over and grabbed the phone.

“It’s the tow-truck company,” I murmured.

Before I could take the phone and answer it, he threw it back into my purse and growled, “You won’t be needing your keys at least until tomorrow.  You’re staying with me tonight.”

When I heard the rain hitting the windows behind our head, I knew there was going to be no argument from me.

“Besides, with the way the rain is coming down, it’s the perfect night for indoor activities,” Carey joked before laying a few suggestive kisses down my sweat glistened neck.

The End.

P.S. ...within the next week or two, be on the look-out for another new one-shot!! So excited about this next one!! :o)


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