Sunday, January 8, 2012

Can't Stop Thinking About You. - Claude Giroux

This One-Shot is dedicated to K for her Birthday and to Saf (because it's sometimes okay to love the enemy).

Also... Miss RebelHeart had a helping hand in writing/editing this... so please give her a shout-out in the comments section if you so please!

Not that I should have to warn, but I will anyway... Adult Content...

The song that inspired this all...

All alone in my room think of you at a rate that is truly alarming
I keep looping my memories of you in my head I pretend that you want me
And I fall asleep and dream of alternate realities
And I put myself at ease by pretending that she still loves me

And I can't stop thinking about you
And I can't stop thinking about you
You never call, what do I do?
And I can't stop thinking about you

Ohh, yeah

Can't believe I could think that she would just follow me everywhere I go
I was wrestle with you in my dreams and wake up making love to a pillow

And I fall asleep and dream of alternate realities
And I put myself at ease by pretending that she still loves me

And I can't stop thinking about you
And I can't stop thinking about you
You never call, what do I do?
And I can't stop and I can't stop

What I would give to have you look in my direction
And I'd give my life to somehow attract your attention
And I touch myself like it's somebody else
Thoughts of you are tattooed on my mind, let me show you

And I can't stop thinking about you
And I can't stop thinking about you
You never call, what do I do?
And I can't stop thinking about you
And I can't stop thinking about you
And I can't stop thinking about you
You never call, what do I do?
I can't stop thinking about you



“Don’t worry Claude, I’d never hurt you,” she purred into my ear after sliding her hand down the front of my chest, only to firmly cup my erection.  Something in her voice warned me that she was armed and dangerous and her words were just filled with false assurance.

Little did she know, I’ve been watching her every move for the last two years.  It was no secret in the locker room that her lips had been on a couple of the guys’s dicks here in the locker room, her latest sin being Talbo.  The fellow Frenchman had a problem keeping his conquests secret.  Usually it would have bothered me, but the way she stalked around in those sky-high stilettos and fashionable fitting dresses had me looking twice.  Don’t even get me started on her beautiful chocolate skin that shimmered when the lights hit just right.

Tightly, I grabbed her wrist to stop her from sliding down my zipper.  “This won’t just be a one night stand you know,” I growled quietly, so the group of people around us didn’t hear the exchange.

“Not sure you will be able to handle me for more than one night, Ginger,” she flicked her tongue on my ear lobe before gently biting it.

Drawing blood from the inside of my cheek, I bit back the loud groan that was threatening to escape.  “I work out for the goal of strength and endurance,” I choked out.

“Would you like the fish or chicken,” she suddenly asked.  I opened my mouth to ask her to repeat, completely confused on why she would ask such a thing.  Especially since I felt fairly certain it had just been laid it out that I wanted to be with her.  When she asked the same thing again, I realized her voice was a lot deeper and very familiar.  Like best friend familiar.

I opened my eyes and found Hartsy looking over at me with his eyebrow raised and in the aisle between us; the older lady airplane stewardess was also looking at me as she held out two trays in my direction.  

“Dude, wake the fuck up.  The lady wants to know what you want to eat,” Scotty laughed.

I looked back and forth between the two sets of eyes and blinked a few times.  “Tabernac, fine, chicken please,” I grumbled, more than bothered by the fact that the girl talking to me in my dreams was actually Bird-Dog and some flight stewardess with an ungodly amount of make-up caked on her face.

I had seen the dark skinned minx several times over the years while out on the town, around all the familiar haunts in Philly.  I was certain sure she was a local.  Sometimes she would be at the places alone, other times she would be surrounded by friends.  There were even a couple times some of the guys on the team would dance with her or buy her a drink.

Every time she was in the vicinity, my eyes were drawn to her like a magnet.  I knew she caught me staring at her more than once.  Sometimes she would flash a shy smile and then other times her eyes would just keep scanning the room like I didn’t even exist.  The times she ignored me were the times that I would end up becoming the hottest under the collar.  I was guaranteed to go home and dream about her those nights.

Last night she was out at one of the swanky-er bars in town, laughing it up with a few of her girl friends and sucking down drinks like they had gone out of style.  But somehow she never once looked like she was going to topple over, despite wearing her 4 inch heels.  She just danced out on the floor, as if she was born to be out there.

“You are going to start drooling if you keep staring,” Reemer chuckled before gulping down his beer.

“I just want to taste her.  Even if it’s once,” I said quietly.

“Come on man, work up the nerve.  It’s not like you can’t get any girl right now.  You are the King of Philly.  Fairly sure I saw a couple girls fall over on the sidewalk and spread their legs right before we walked into the place!” James joked.

“I’m fairly sure this one doesn’t even know I am in the room,” I sighed, taking a sip of my 7&7.  I probably shouldn’t be drinking since it was just yesterday I was cleared from my concussion symptoms, but I couldn’t help myself after I saw her stroll through the door.  Immediately it was apparent I was in for a long night.

“Then why don’t you rectify that situation?  You’re French.  Women love that,” Reemer fretted.

“I am not French.  I just speak the language.”

“Either way, I’m from Jersey and I don’t speak another language,” he frowned, “so it’s not as easy for me as it should be for you, Ginger.”

I didn’t say anything.  There was nothing to say.  I was sure that I would never be able to explain the feelings I was dealing with when it came to the one who was twisting and turning her body to the beat of the music just several feet away from us.

“How did you get in here?” I whispered nervously.  She had me pinned against the wall just a few steps into the arena.  In fact we were in the player’s tunnel that led out to the bench.  The place was dark and I was certain there were only a few janitorial staff hanging around the arena.  Just the glow of the advertisement signs lit up the pristine sheet of ice and the rest of the large, empty building.

“I have my ways,” she smirked before laying a hungry kiss on my lips.  “I’ve noticed you watching me, Claude.  I know you want me,” she continued.

I quickly wrapped my arm low on her waist and swiftly spun her around, so that it was now my body pinning her up against the wall.  “I’ve wanted you since the first day I saw you dancing up on that scrawny blonde college kid at the club on Penn’s Landing two summers ago,” I breathed into her skin.  Her scent was mixed with want and expensive perfume.  “It should have been me that you used for a stripper pole that night.”

Her body shook from laughter and it rang throughout the arena.  I should have been worried about someone hearing it, but all I could think about was running my hands up her sides where a thin material shirt hung loosely from her body.  Her tits were practically over-flowing from the low-cut piece of clothing and soon I found myself pressing my face into the fullness of her breasts.  She left out a cry and pushed my face deeper into her soft mounds of flesh, saying something about wanting me to devour her.

I roughly cupped her tits and firmly pinched her hardened nipples that were on full alert.  Her fingers were intertwined in my hair, reminding me once more why I was keeping it long. She dragged my head up by my hair and ran her tongue over my lower lip before I groaned and flattened her to the wall, my mouth on hers. I felt like I could fuck her through the wall.

Sliding my hand around to her back, I undid her bra.  She took it a step farther by quickly slipping off her shirt and the black and red laced bra.  As I took a step back to admire her beautiful breasts, she grabbed onto my team t-shirt and pulled it off.  The cool air from the ice rink should have made me shiver, but my body temperature was rising too quickly for me to even notice the contrast.

“I know you want to fuck me,” she leaned nonchalantly against the cold cement, kicking her boot-clad foot also up flat against the wall.

Without even thinking twice, I leaned down, hooked my arms under her ass and picked up, pinning her against the wall once more, kissing her deeply.  Her skirt easily slid up her thighs, revealing her matching panties.  We both moaned when my dick ground against the lace and I was certain that with a few moves, I could come without even burying myself in her.

“I’m positive I could assist you in scoring this next goal,” she said huskily while I was screwing my tongue into her ear and fingering the gold cross around my neck.

“Let me lay you down on the bench and you can get a personal demonstration of how good my hands are,” I growled.

A smirk played on her lips and she nodded once.  Without even caring if we got caught, I carried her over to the player’s bench and set her feet down on the ground.  “Sit down,” she commanded with a slight push of her hands on my shoulders.  I did and leaned back in anticipation.  She turned towards the ice and began stripping out of the rest of her clothing in dramatic fashion.  A groan escaped my mouth when she bent in half while pulling off her lace thong.  Her ass was up in the air, just tempting me to shove my dick in it.  She giggled when I reached up and slapped it hard, the echo bouncing throughout the empty arena.

Slowly, she stood back up and turned back towards me.  I sucked in a breath she placed one of her long legs up on the bench aside of me, giving me full-access to her closely trimmed snatch.  Leaning in towards her, I ran my tongue along the glistening line.  Before sliding my hands all the way up her thighs to cup her ass and keep her there, she put her foot back and dropped down in front of me, licking her lips while pulling off my shorts.

I hissed when the cool air hit my hot, thickened length, but a second later the warmth of her mouth enveloped it.  She worked me like I was the sweetest lollipop in the candy-shop.  The only language that spilled from my mouth was a string of dirty French words because there was nothing else to say.  She knew every button to push and all I wanted was for her to keep going.

Despite almost blacking out from holding my breath, a shiver of euphoria ripped through my body when I came at the last upstroke of her hand and mouth.  My hot fluid came pouring out…all over my hand.

My eyes flew open and I hesitantly peered around the unfamiliar surroundings of my hotel room.  I looked over to the bed that was normally occupied by my roommate, Briere, but with the last minute decision for me to come along on the road-trip, the room was all my own for a change.

Reaching over to grab some tissues, I closed my eyes and let out a frustrated groan.

I could have sworn she was going to follow me out of the bar.  Slipping her my phone number was all I could do.  Hell, I barely even accomplished that.  She had been playing me all evening with glancing stares along with the occasional “come hither” smile.  My heart-rate shot up like I had just pulled the longest shift out on the ice when she smiled the first time.  Finally it seemed as if I was getting somewhere.

It was midnight.  I had drank enough alcohol that it felt as if my footsteps were lighter than normal.  Maybe it was too cheesy, but the nervousness had taken me over, leaving me with few options to do anything else.  Grabbing a coaster off the bar, I scribbled down my phone number and when walking by the table, I slipped it in front of her, flashed a smile that I hoped looked confident enough before heading for the door.

Maybe I was a fool thinking she would just follow me, but after all the moments and fantasies I had painted in my mind, especially within the last several weeks, I was hoping it would be easy.  Instead real life played cruel tricks on me and my vivid dreams were the only thing I was left clinging to.

“Fuck me harder!” she cried as I pounded into her core.  She was on all fours in front of me.  My hands wrapped around her waist, holding firmly so that every time I thrusted into her, I had to pull her back towards me to get even deeper.  She left out a little whine each time and the longer it went on, the more weight she put into it.

My pants were around my ankles.  Yet again she was wearing a pencil skirt, but this one was grey in color and was pushed up over her hips and her thong was lying, ripped, next to her on the solid oak desk that I was fucking her on.

We were in an office, at least 20 stories above Broad Street.  After receiving a text message that just gave me an address and a picture of her lace topped thigh-highs, I quickly found my way over here.  As soon as I shut the door behind me, things immediately escalated.

It obviously didn’t matter to her that outside the solid oak door I had closed and locked behind me was a bustling office.  Instead she screamed like the walls of her own private office were sound proof.  If she wasn’t going to be quiet, then there wasn’t reason for me to keep quiet.

“You enjoying it?” I grunted.

“Fuck yeah, G.  Just keep fucking meeeee,” she hiccuped when I slammed into her, stealing her breath and mine.

Every now and then she’d turn her head and look at me like she had done so many times when I would see her out in the city.  No more playing, this time I was in control and getting ready to plant my seed in her.  This was all about primal need and the frustration of not having her sooner.

“Oh Fuck!” I groaned when she squeezed her muscles, milking my dick as I emptied into her, which in turn made her come.  She was still shaking from the orgasm as I slid my hands up her sides and firmly cupped her breasts, laying a few kisses down her sweat glistened back.  She left out a sigh and her next words were blotted out by the loud ringing of what sounded like my cell phone.

This time when I opened my eyes, I was a sweaty mess, wrapped in the sheets of my own bed.  Once I got untangled, I reached over to my night-stand and grabbed my phone.  The caller ID stated it was an unknown number, but something in my brain told me to answer it.

I took a breath to slow my breathing and answered.  “Hello?”

“Why hello, Claude,” the smooth female voice answered.

Any of the blood that had been flowing to my other body parts came rushing back to my groin and my free hand immediately wrapped around my length as I bit back a moan. Just the sound of her voice, after these months of fantasies, was about to make me blow my load.

“What are you doing up this late? Don’t you have a game tomorrow?”

I tried to think of something to say that would make her laugh. I had the hottest dreams about that laugh. But my mind was blank and I reverted back to what I always do in this type of a situation, I told the blunt truth.

“I was dreaming about you, and I can’t go back to sleep now until I take care of a certain problem.”

“Oh no,” came a playful reply. “That sounds like a big problem indeed.”

I took the plunge.

“Maybe you should come over and take care of this.”

Her next words were drowned out by the sound of my phone ringing, which made no sense since I was talking on it. I asked her to repeat herself, but all that answered was the annoying blair of my cell once again.  I blinked and my room as brighter, and my cell, which was in my hand, showed HARTSY across the screen. I groaned and slid my thumb over the screen.

“What Scotty?”

“Man, get the fuck up! I’m waiting outside to take you to practice, Schenner’s already out here and I do not want to be late!”

What the hell, now I’m having dreams within my dreams?! I’m losing my mind! I really need to…


“Fuck! I’m coming dude, I’m coming! Two minutes!”

I hurried up and threw on something clean and was in the middle of brushing my teeth when the phone rang again.

Flicking up on the screen with my thumb without hesitating to look at the Caller ID, I growled, “I said I’d be coming in two minutes!”

“That’s not very long, Claude,” came the throaty reply. I almost choked on my toothpaste. “Meet me after you get done with practice. I’ll text you.”



  1. Loved it! Thank you for doing a Flyers story! I think Giroux is incredible but I really fell in love with him while watching 24/7 -- especially his exchange with Lundqvist and telling his future brother-in-law to grow some balls.

    This was so well written. I laughed every time he woke up and was imagining it. I especially loved the coming in two minutes comment -- that was awesome!! Props to you and Rebelheart for combining to do an incredible one-shot. Hopefully you will be inspired to continue this. I'd love to see what happens after practice!!


    So good?