Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Picture Perfect - Ryan Kesler

Due to some illness, I haven't been able to really write any new material... however, I always have a few things in my archives, so I figured I'd give ya'll all a little to read to maybe hold you over for a bit... This was actually a short-story challenge that I wrote for the FantasyFic Board during the All-Star Game... It was going to be a couple parts, but I haven't gotten that far with it.

It's loaded with Adult Content. Enjoy.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

After Hours - Patrick Kaleta

Incubus had a little help in writing this one... fairly sure our character, Jacey, is a rebel girl...

Kaleta, Playoff Warrior

And this picture was too good not to just post. :o)
After Hours-Special

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Help Me Remember - Mike Richards One-Shot

Help Me Remember

I know that you're leavin'
As soon as the sun
Comes through the window
There's no talking this over
The damage is done
There's just too much hurt
Too much to forgive
Oh, but we both know
We weren’t always like this

Help me remember
The way that we used to be
When nothin' else mattered
"cause you were lovin' me
Just for the night, one last time
One more good memory
When I look back
That's what I wanna see

Oh, help me remember

Those days that were so good
Those nights that we held
Held on forever
When we weren't pretenders
We were as real as we felt
Oh, I don't want to fight anymore
Don't want the last thing I hear tonight
To be a slammin' door
Baby, let it be like before

This could be the last time
I look in your eyes
-- Rascal Flatts