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After Hours - Patrick Kaleta

Incubus had a little help in writing this one... fairly sure our character, Jacey, is a rebel girl...

Kaleta, Playoff Warrior

And this picture was too good not to just post. :o)
After Hours-Special

"I don't think you want to go there," I snapped as soon as I felt his hand on my waist.  "I'm not amused with your antics at the moment."
"Not amused with my antics?  Why, your eyes have definitely said otherwise," he breathed hotly into my ear, effectively sending shivers through my whole body, despite it being almost 100 degrees in the sweat laden bar.  The place was packed, especially since it had quickly gotten around that some of the Sabres were gracing the place with their presence after the game 3 win against the Flyers.
"You must have my eyes confused with another pair," I growled before pushing myself away from him and attempting to get myself behind the bar once more.  Unfortunately, I wasn't quick enough because now both of his hands grabbed firmly onto my waist, pulling me back against his solid body.
"You're the only one in the place clad in orange and black," he laughed tightly.
"I like to be different."
"I think you just don't know what's good for you."
"Well, then I'm sure it will be easy enough for you to leave me go and look around for some chick clad in blue and gold who knows more than me," I spit.  This time I was able to push his hands off of me for good and walk away, feeling his eyes bore holes into the back of me while I found myself pushing away the thoughts of how I was already feeling moisture pool in my panties.

Jacey was the owner of a tiny sports bar that sat right across the street from the arena.  She bought it about 3 years ago, right after I was promoted to the big leagues.  It quickly became a hot spot for us guys and the die-hard fans.  She had gone to college here in Buffalo and decided to put her marketing degree to good use by buying a rat-skellar type bar and turning it into something lucrative.
The reason we frequented the place was for the simple fact that Jacey had no shame in supporting her hometown team, the Flyers. It became a running joke between her and my teammates that we would get her to come over to the dark-side, but it was obviously a losing battle.  Jacey was born and bread in Philly.  She was very adamant about only rooting for her teams, even if it meant she would lose customers. 
Many of my teammates have hit on her.  She had become like a legend in the locker room, where tall-tales were often told about how someone got with her, but everyone knew they were only tall-tales and no one, except for Derek Roy, had actually gotten past first base with her over 2 years ago.  She was a cock-block and I had it bad for her.
"Come on Jacey, I need a beer," I whined while standing at the bar with Gaustad and Grier, watching her wait on every other patron in the house.  "We can go somewhere else you know!"
"Then fucking go!" she snarled with a smile that said she would be with us in under a minute.
"I still don't understand why we put ourselves through the torture," Paul sighed as the 3 of us leaned over the bar to get a good view of her ass while she walked to the other end to give someone the mix drink she had just made.  Her Claude Giroux shir-zee clung tightly to her top-heavy tits and her Levi's were slung low on her hips, hugging them like they were enjoying every minute of touching her skin.  "We could go anywhere in the city right now and get served before we even walk in the place."
"But we don't because she's fucking hot and we can't get enough of that ass," Mike groaned, fake biting his fist.
I couldn't say anything because my tongue was lying on the bar, waiting for me to roll it back up into my mouth.  Somehow I picked it back up before she finally came over to wait on us.
"So what can I get you goons?" she asked playfully.
"Miller Light, I'm trying to watch my figure," I snorted.
"You might want to drink something that will actually pack on some weight because you are gonna need it when you go back on the ice for game 4.  I have a feeling your head is going to get pounded in."
"You are lucky you are a girl," I leaned across the bar and growled.
"Its soo classy of you to open the bench door for Zhe when he gets slammed against the boards," she threw back.
"He looked like he needed a seat," I chuckled along with the guys.
"And what is your excuse, Roy?"
"Excuse for what?" he asked, pushing himself between me and Grier.
"Why the hell aren't you out there playing yet?" she chirped with a sweet smile, reminding me that he had her once and could probably have her again if he played his cards right.  Jealousy boiled up inside of me.
"I'll hopefully be back soon," he said with a wink.  "Can I please have a Molson, Jace?" he asked politely.
"Sure," she nodded as she pulled up a pilsner glass and instantly began tapping his beer.
"What the fuck?!  Why does he get special treatment?!" I exclaimed yelled loudly, causing a few of the people around us to look over.
"Because he's injured and you played like a goon tonight," she stated in a matter of fact tone as she slammed Derek's beer down on the bar.
"This is bullshit," I sat back in the barstool and crossed my arms in front of me.
"Dude, the pouting child thing does absolutely nothing for you," Roy toasted me with his beer before he pushed himself back out into the crowd, leaving Gaustad and Grier snickering on either side of me.

"You know it's rude to stalk people, Kaleta," I called out behind me as I locked up the bar.  "Plus, I'm sure you realize I carry a gun just in case someone like you is waiting for me to leave," I informed him while I still had my back towards him and moved my jacket back so that he could see the butt of the gun sticking out from the top of my jeans.  "I don't miss."
I left out a woosh of air when he pushed me roughly against the glass door, face planting me into it.  "I don't miss with my gun either," he growled heavily into my ear, sending the shivers through my body again.  I've pushed him away from me since day one, despite my hormones incessantly screaming every time he was near.  I knew he wanted me; it wasn't hard to figure out when he wore his heart on his sleeve. 
"What do you want, Kaleta?  You know I don't go past enemy lines."
"Oh, but I have a feeling you do…" he said lustfully as I felt his big hand snake around me and cup my breast.
"What do you think you have that the others don't?" I asked through me teeth, biting back a moan when his other hand snaked down between my legs and ground at my cleft.
"I'm bigger than Roy," was all he said.
"How would I know that?"
"I know you've let him fuck you," he said in a voice that dripped of jealousy.
"So what if I did?"
"Then you play a dirty card," he growled, his playoff scruff chafing the skin of my neck.  I sucked in a breath as his hand left between my legs and slid up to the waistband of my jeans.  In a blink of an eye he was shoving his cold hand down into my pants and dipping his fingers into my heat.
"Fuuuuck," I cried out from the mixture of cold and heat that was happening in my jeans.
"Open the door," Patrick commanded, his calloused finger flicking my clit.
Somehow I was able to get the key into the lock and turned it.  He pulled his hand out of my pants and pulled me backwards to allow room for the door to swing open towards us.  As soon as we were back inside the warm, alcohol stenched bar, he slammed the door behind him and set the dead-bolt, the sound of it echoing into the room.
I attempted to slow my breathing, but I had no chance before he stripped my coat off of me and pushed me into the room.  I almost tripped and fell on my face, but his strong hands grabbed at my waist and spun me around to face him.  The look in his eyes was a mixture of danger and lust.  I almost left out a moan.

My cold hand down her pants reminded me how fire and ice this could all turn out to be.  I carefully pulled her Glock 9MM from her pants, unloaded it and laid it gently on the corner of the bar.  She was laughing lightly until I reached down and ripped her shirt up over her head.  "First thing is first," I growled while depositing her shirt onto the dirty ground.  "Trash belongs on the floor."  This remark garnered a sexy scowl from her.  Her hair was falling out of its holder, allowing errant pieces to touch her neck and shoulders.  She stood defiantly with her arms at her sides, despite being in just her bra and jeans.  Her body was tight and I couldn't help but unleash an evil laugh while reaching out to pull her to me. I was hungry to taste her lips.  Roughly, I leaned down and pressed my mouth to hers.  I was slightly surprised by the fact that she didn't resist, instead her arms wrapped around my neck.  Easily she pulled off my toque and threaded her fingers in my hair, holding me closer to her.
She tasted like a wildfire in the heat of the summer, spreading the scalding temperatures through my blood stream as we battled for domination.  When attempting to gain entrance to her mouth, she bit my lip and sucked hard on it.  I left out a surprised yelp when her one hand slid down between us and grabbed firmly onto my throbbing cock, like she was checking out what she would be getting.
"Is it big enough for you?" I asked in a growl before pulling back and quickly unbuttoning my dress pants to shove her hand down my boxers.
"I don't care how big it is, I just want to know if you can actually use it," she hissed before kissing me again, this time she allowed me to probe her mouth with my tongue.  She began stroking my length, somehow making me harder than I was before.  I moaned. Running a finger and knuckle up and down my cock, squeezing firmly for some added pleasure, soon had me fucking her hand.  All the while we were still locked together by the lips.  A couple more strokes and I couldn't take it anymore.  I pushed her away from me and pushed her down onto her knees.  She twisted out of my grip and held up a finger for me to wait.  I held my breath in anticipation as I watched her loosen my tie, pull it up over my head and then place it around her own neck.  She unbuttoned my shirt and ran her hands up and down my chest a few times before I grabbed the tie and pulled her to me for one more kiss.
"Since you're so good at hurling insults with that mouth, let's see how dirty you can really be with it," I said in a low tone, coaxing her down to her knees once again.  This time she followed my lead and clawed my pants down to my ankles, allowing my dick to pop out at a tension.
She took it into her hand, leaned over it and spit on it, working the moisture in with her hand.  I almost lost it when she looked up at me with her large chocolate brown eyes.  I had seen that look in my fantasy dreams more than once and I couldn't believe that it was finally be real this time.  I left out a low moan when her lips pressed down onto the head of my cock and then down over the shaft. Lacing my fingers through her thick, light brown hair, I coaxed her to completely take me.  I pulled her hair taught when I felt the tip hit the back of her throat before she pulled back and did it again.  Soon she was screwing me with her mouth and hand, purring as she worked.
In a few minutes I was seeing stars while fucking her mouth.  Being the intent lover I knew she'd be; she was aware that I was standing on the edge.  Soon I felt her hand cup my balls and give them a gentle tug, causing me to let loose in her mouth. Surprisingly she never gagged as my jizz hit the back of her throat with some force. Instead, she drank it down and was licking her lips when I helped her up off the floor.

I wanted to hate him, I was so annoyed with how he treated my team on the ice and how cocky he was off the ice, but he had me so turned on with his actions that I couldn't help but fall for his whims.
Even though I would be hard pressed to admit it, Patrick was always a favorite of mine.  He was right; he constantly caught my eye when he was at the bar.  I loved his rough-neck attitude and his chisled facial features.  He was also right that I had been with Roy. That had been 2 years ago.  I had just broken up with my boyfriend of 8 years at the time and he caught me in a soft spot.  He had been an awesome lover, but I liked my men with more muscle, someone that could dominate me and make me feel safe in his arms. Getting involved with Kaleta like this was probably playing with fire because I did have more feelings for him than I left on, but it was only going to make the action between us that much better.
I squeaked when he picked me up and placed me up on the bar.  Leaning back on the palms of my hands, I swung my feet back and forth, waiting for his next move.
"You expecting to get service?" I joked with my usual attitude.
He left out a laugh before working at my jeans.  "Obviously I'm just going to have to take that service thing in my own hands since you insist on ignoring me when I'm standing at the bar anyway," he smiled playfully before he pulled off my jeans.
I laughed at his remark.  He was right, I played him, but he was too easy and obviously kept coming back for more.  My laughter stopped when he threw my legs up onto his shoulders and pushed his face between my legs.  His playoff beard chafing between my legs was reminder that he was still in the midst of a war, like he was a warrior just taking a break between battles.  Once he pulled me to the edge of the bar, I leaned back onto my elbows and allowed myself to relax to enjoy his devious project.
"Fuck Kaleta!  Is that all the better you can do?!" I chirped.  He was in the middle of lightly tracing my clit with his tongue.  Despite sending shivers through my body, I wanted more and I knew chirping him would get me that and more.
He pulled back, looked up at me, the dim night-light illuminated my juices that were already all over his mouth and chin.  He snickered and shook his head, "You're going to be sorry woman."
A moment later he was back between my legs and I suddenly found myself holding tightly onto the edge of the bar, sucking in a breath each time he sucked hard on my clit.  "Fuuuccckkkk," was all I could say this time.  A few moments after that, I was rocking against his face as I came hard.  Before I could even catch my breath he was jamming his fingers into me while sucking on my hardened nipples.  Thank God he had his other arm around me, because I am 100% sure I would have convulsed onto the floor when I hit the next plateau he served me.

She had me for the fool I was.  She knew exactly what to say to me to get her way and I fell for it every time, willingly.  When she came the second time, I was already hard and ready to be deep inside of her.
Roughly, I pulled her off the bar and carried her over to one of the tables in the back of the bar.  A loud crashing sound echoed in the empty room when I cleared the chairs off the table and onto the floor.  She was cursing me about breaking her furniture, but I wanted her mad, it made me believe she was going to be an even better fuck if she was angry.
"Break my fucking chairs Kaleta, and I'll be hoping Richie breaks your fucking head when he slams you into the boards next game," she snapped.
"I'll buy you new fucking chairs," I growled back.  "Along with a whole new bar with a better color scheme…"
"Fuck your blue and gold."
"Ah, but you want me and that makes you a turn-coat, Jacey," I smiled.
"You wish…" she began right as I slammed my thick length into her, not giving her warm cunt time to stretch because I had my mind made up that I wanted her to feel all of me all at once.  She finished her sentence with, "Oh fuck yea, Patrick."
Keeping myself in between her warm folds, I leaned down, pulled her up to me and kissed her hard.  She bit my lip and drew some blood, but it only made me kiss her harder before I pushed her backwards again so that she was laid out on the table below me. Grabbing onto her large, beautiful tits, I began pounding mercilessly into her.  With every hit she was crying out with a sob that could have mistakenly been taken that she was in pain.  However, the wicked smile on her face told me she was loving every minute of the sexual abuse.  "Christ, Kaleta…" she breathed out, "Didn't you hit hard enough out on the ice tonight?"
"I'm trying to fuck the Philly filth out of ya," I chirped.
"Never," she said through her teeth.
"That's alright, you'll always know you've had the best of Buffalo, baby."
She tried to glare at me, but when I hit her g-spot, causing her to cry, "Fuck! Kaleta!"
Before she could come and pull me over the edge with her, I pulled out and flipped her around so that her ass was towards me and she was on her hands and knees on the table.  I couldn't help but bring a heavy hand down on her ass cheek, creating a nice reverberating sound in the room.  She turned her head to look at me and I just laughed manically.

I couldn't even think.  He was good, too good.  I knew I was going to find walking to be a challenge by tomorrow morning.  He was using every beautiful muscle in his body to make me cry out his name.  There was no way I could deny him.
His kid smile.  His playful chirping.  He was the whole package of an agitator who used it to his advantage on and off the ice.  Tonight I was his opponent and I was at his mercy.
I collapsed into a pile of goo on the table when I felt his length press back into from behind.  The feeling of his long, thick cock was never ending pleasure, couple in his large fingers reaching around to toy with my clit, I was sure to see the bright lights.
"Fuck, Jace.  I'm going to come in your tight little pussy…"
"Stake your claim Kaleta," I whined, already hitting the top with his last powerful thrust.  His name came out of my mouth like I was an opera singer because as soon as my orgasm ripped through me, he pinched both of my nipples and added just another level to the whole painful, pleasure experience.
He too cried out my name and muffled some of his yell while biting my back.  Not only will I be walking funny, but now I'll have bruises from him too.
When we both gained our composure, he helped me off the table and pulled me against him, lightly biting my neck this time.
"This won't get you your drinks any quicker, ya know."
"I'll just make sure I come back after-hours more often.  I hear the owner enjoys serving the enemy on a one-to-one basis."

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