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Picture Perfect - Ryan Kesler

Due to some illness, I haven't been able to really write any new material... however, I always have a few things in my archives, so I figured I'd give ya'll all a little to read to maybe hold you over for a bit... This was actually a short-story challenge that I wrote for the FantasyFic Board during the All-Star Game... It was going to be a couple parts, but I haven't gotten that far with it.

It's loaded with Adult Content. Enjoy.

Good picture but...

Fairly sure if they would have put this on a bulletin board down here in PA, well, lets just say I would have ended up in a car accident. Damn.

“This glamour shots thing is not my deal,” Toews complained as he Sharp sat outside in the hallway waiting their turn.  “All it does is give the fan girls another reason to make stupid blogs about us or make up embarrassing posters to hold up during warm-ups,” he continued as he fidgeted in his seat like he had sat in a pile of fire ants.

“Really Tazer? Would you like some cheese with that wine or am I going to have to hit you over the fucking head?” Sharp hissed at his captain.  “I figured you’d be a little more comfortable with these things by now, with you being the Chicago Playgirl cover-boy and such now a days.”

“Oh please!” Jonathan cracked.  “Whatever Mister Victoria Secret,” he said in a low mocking tone as he did that funky eyebrow move that Patrick had seen at least a million times.  “Just because you like being a pretty boy, doesn’t mean everyone likes to play that role.”

“Hey, whatever gets more hot chicks to the game,” Sharpie said as he leaned back in his chair, putting his arms behind him to support his head like a pillow against the wall.  The only thing he found nerve racking was the sitting and waiting part.  He actually enjoyed being in front of the camera and enjoyed the swooning from the girls even more.  He wasn’t always the player type, but after being best friends with Adam Burish, the biggest player on the team for a couple years, and seeing all the tail it got him, he couldn’t help but partake in some of the buffet being served when you were a hot hockey playing commodity.  If that meant smiling for the cameras to get an extra piece of ass, then so be it.  Sure, he was just newly married, but he wasn’t faithful during the 7 years they dated, so what would make him change now, especially with his star shining as bright as it was right now.

He was about to close his eyes when Ryan Kesler can strutting out of the photo room with the grin the size of Canada on his face.

Next thing Sharpie heard was his name being called by an all too familiar angelic sounding British accent.  Patrick heard Tazer choke on his water as a long legged blonde in 3 inch, black satin heels leaned up against the door with a large, professional camera in hand.

Ryan couldn’t believe his luck when he walked into the small room to find that he was all alone.  According to the schedule on the door, he was the first photo-shoot appointment for the day and it seemed that he had arrived 30 minutes before he was actually scheduled.  “Damn agent always screwing up times, especially since I could have gotten an extra hour of sleep this morning,” he thought to himself.  Ryan was walking around the set that had already been assembled and wasn’t surprised by the cheesy backgrounds hanging from the ceiling.  At least it isn’t as bad as the ice blocks we had to stand behind for the US Olympic Hockey shoot.

He left out a loud laugh, as he thought about having to stand with a fake icicle in his hand and stabbing the air with it as the flaming photographer kept calling out about how sexy he looked.  He only hoped today was not going to be like that day.  Not that he wasn’t comfortable in front of the camera, especially after the underwear shoot he was still taking a ribbing for from his teammates and rivals, but he was definitely a hockey player and not a model.  The first couple shoots he partook in he had found himself cracking up each time the photographer would give him pose commands, of course he was young at that time and the last thing he thought he would have to do was to smile for the cover of a magazine.

“Ah, now this is quite the surprise,” she drew out in a sexy British accent that made him quickly turn on his heal to search for the lips that housed that voice.  Instead all he found was bright lights.  He quickly put his hands up in front of eyes to block out the glaring and called out, “And I’m fairly sure you are trying to blind me.”

Her laughter rang like a bell as it bounced off the walls of the small room and he instantly felt electricity course over his skin.  “Glad to see my first project is already perfectly made-up,” she purred.  Ryan finally found her silhouette standing against the back wall but as his eyes began to adjust to the light he was once again blinded by the flash of the camera.  With only seconds in between each flash he had been able to piece together a tall, slender outline that looked svelte in a form fitting skirt-suit.  He was fairly sure she was wearing black, but he was unable to tell because everything looked dark but the flash of the bulbs.

“Open your shirt, Mr. Kesler,” she commanded.

He found it a little odd that she didn’t introduce herself before the shoot like every other photographer had done over the years, but something in his pants told him to just go with it.  He began unbuttoning his shirt.

“Slower,” she drew out, like she was being turned on.  In fact he was pretty sure something changed in her voice, hell any man with any experience with women could have heard the desire in her voice from a million miles away.  And like any hot-blooded male, he was turned on by the prospect of revving her up even more.

“Like this?” he asked curiously as he counted 10 seconds in between each button he undid.

“Perfect,” she breathed.  Soon the seductive sounds of Stateless began filling the room, but not in an over powering sense, just enough to cover the white noise of the make-shift studio.  He didn’t even dare to look up as he heard her heels click across the cement floor.  He used his attuned peripheral vision to take in her perfectly silky smooth toned calf muscles, even noting a small fire-fly tattoo on the inside of her right ankle.  It was now that he was able to see that her suit was black with thin white pin-stripes, accenting her perfect hour-glass form.  He ventured a guess that she didn’t have a shirt on under the suit-coat which made his mind instantly melt into a pile of goo.  “Look up at me,” she said almost too quiet for him to hear.

He did as he was told, but he was slightly disappointed that her large camera blocked out her face.  “I love how your hair always looks like you just got done having sex.  Tell me, Mr. Kesler, do you have sex often?”

On any other given day he would have busted up laughing at the forward question, but he could have sworn she was asking him if he would have sex with her just in the way she spoke.  “Yes,” he heard himself say.  The word shocked him because it wasn’t true.  He was a married man, he didn’t have near the amount of sex he wished he had, but he took that aggression and put it into his game.

He was going to take back his answer but was stopped when she commanded, “Take off your shirt.”  Like a whipped man, he obeyed as he felt his erection getting larger.

She couldn’t believe her luck when she found that he was assigned to her and then to find that he was the first one she would be photographing, well let’s just say she couldn’t help but call his agent and ask him to tell Ryan to meet earlier than his scheduled time.  She wanted as much time in the world to seduce him.

Some would probably think shame on her for mixing business and pleasure, but who could blame her if they saw how beautiful these men were; add in their sexual drive and her own sexual drive?  Well, it was a win-win situation as she saw it. 

Cassandra had won award after award for her photos, mainly for how comfortable her specimen’s looked in the portraits.  Of course no one seemed to point out it was only her male portraits that received these awards, but that’s what made her even more proud of her work.

Ryan Kesler, forward of the Vancouver Canucks, an underrated player but Cassandra was hell bent in proving to herself that he wasn’t going to be underrated as he pounded into her on the set.  She was pleasantly surprised that he was rising to the tasks she was setting out for him, but it just proved her point that all men found a British accent sexy.

She couldn’t help but gasp as he let his shirt fall to the floor.  He was absolutely gorgeous, a far cry from what he looked like during his first few seasons in the NHL.  Gone was the scrawny teenager, now he had grown into a perfectly sculpted man.  The first time she had seen the billboard of him in just his gitch, she ended up rear-ending some poor old guy in front of her in downtown Vancouver.

His body was piece of art.  His chiseled pecs and rock hard six pack made it hard for Cassandra to take a full breath.  The defined indents above his hip bones made her see the bright lights one sees right before they are ready to pass over into the other-world.

“So you like what you see?” he asked as his beautiful smile reached his eyes.  He must have heard my sharp intake of a breath,” she cursed herself. 

“Beautiful,” was all she could choke out without ruining the whole play.

“I think it’s your turn,” he said smoothly, reaching out to tug at the corner of her coat as she snapped another picture of his charming face, his sex tousled hair shining in the light of the flash.


“Yes, I think it’s only fair,” he laughed easily, obviously becoming more comfortable with the situation.

She nodded as she kept hold of the camera with one hand so that she could snap more pictures of his expression as she unbuttoned her suit jacket.  His photogenic expressions didn’t let her down as she slowly taunted him with the 4 large buttons that had kept her covered.  He groaned out loud as she turned her back towards him as she shrugged out of the jacket, hanging it on the lighting-rack.  She quickly turned her head back towards him and snapped another picture of his lust laden face, smiling to herself as she took note of the obvious erection he was now sporting through his black suit pants.  For shits and giggles she bent down, pushing her ass up in the air as she pressed her breasts against her knees and took a picture of him looking up from between her legs.  She gasped when she saw him take a quick step towards her.

Before she was standing up straight once again, he had a rough, warm palm flattened on her back, pushing her back down while he ground the length of his cock against her ass.  She gasped, setting her camera safely on the floor as she knew things were about to get crazy.

Once she bent over, Ryan knew he was done.  Her perfectly round ass with the black stretchy polyester mix hugging it made him through any inhibitions out the non-existent window of the little room.

He bent down over top of her, pushing his restrained cock even harder against her supple ass and reached his long arms down to thread his fingers through her length of stick straight blonde hair, pulling her up towards me.  She stood up until against the length of his body, allowing him to roughly pull her against him, biting her neck.

“Yes, Ryan!” She cried out as his hands roamed her body, squeezing her perky tits and pinching at her erect nipples that were covered with a thin layer of black lace.  He then reached down, pulled up her skirt and practically blew his load when his probing fingers found she wasn’t wearing any underwear.

“Naughty girl,” he moaned heavily into her ear as she began breathing heavily while melting back against him.  “I’m going to make you sorry for not wearing any panties, you English slut.”

“Mmm,” she moaned as his calloused fingers pumped into her dripping wet pussy, milking her as he stroked her core.

“Take off your bra off,” he commanded her, making it obvious that he was now in control of her, his natural leadership skills putting him in charge.

He watched in anticipation as she freed her heavy breasts and nipped happily at her ear as she raised her arms up over her head, wrapping her arms around her neck so that his chin rested on her collarbone.

His ground his dick once more against her ass and she responded by pushing back, creating more friction.  His finger mastery soon had her panting his name.  He plucked her g-spot as his other hand tweaked her clit, melting her like hot butter when she hit the top of the mountain, leaving out nothing but a whimper.  He licked her juices off her fingers as she still hung from his neck, trying to regain her composure.  She tasted like a sweet peach and he couldn’t help but let out an, “Mmm,” in satisfaction.

“Let me taste,” she asked sedately.

Ryan obliged her as he groaned out-loud as she ran her tongue down the length of his fingers before taking them fully into her mouth, moaning as she went.  That was all it took for him to quickly undo his pants, pushing them and his boxers down to the floor, allowing him to easily step out of them.

He quickly looked around and led Cassandra over to the medieval looking couch that was placed in the middle of the set.  Ryan sat down and relaxed against the back of the couch, keeping his legs apart so that the blonde beauty could get the best access possible.  Before allowing her to take him, he twisted her around, unzipping her skirt so that she was completely naked, save for her black high-heels.  He ran his hands down her smooth skin, his mouth watering as her pussy glistened in the bright lights.  She was at the perfect height for him to lean forward and draw his tongue across her pink nether lips.  She gasped and pouted as he took just one more lick before leaning back onto the couch again.  He was about to tell her to get on her knees, but instead she surprised him by squatting between his legs so that her bum just barely staying off the floor.

Cassandra was always one to use leverage to her advantage, something that kneeling never gave her enough of.  In this position she was able to bounce up and down as she took Ryan’s long, thick member into her mouth.  It was a trick she found easier while wearing heels and it seemed the guys always found it a bigger turn-on.  Ryan fell right into that category as he reached down to hold her heavily bouncing tits, crying out incoherent words as she blew him.  With the amount of sexy foreplay and with how hard he was in her mouth, she knew he wasn’t going to last more than a few minutes with her oral charms.  She licked him like a juicy lollipop, then taking him as deep into her mouth.  She gagged when he lift his hips to hit the back of her throat, but she didn’t mind, moaning in ecstasy when he did.  She worked him like this until she felt couldn’t go any farther without actually bringing him to the end, finishing sucking him off as she pulled her lips to the tip and then off, making a loud POP.

She left out a crazed giggle as she moved up over top of him, biting and sucking at his stomach and chest, eventually capturing his lips with hers for their first real kiss of the encounter.  The kiss was filled with heat and passion, both competing for the unknown that comes about when two lustful bodies come together.  During the kiss, Cassandra crawled up on the couch and was straddling by the time they parted to catch a breath.  Before Ryan could speak, she corkscrewed her folds down over his length, causing them to cry out in unison as they came together.  Ryan threw his head back as he took a hold of her hips and guided her up and down as she rode him uninhibitedly, her tits bouncing so heavy that they slapped against her skin when she her clit hit the base of his cock and her ass hit his thighs.  Her walls had begun to tighten around him when he suddenly lifted her up, pulling her off of his stick.

“I don’t want to stop yet,” she whimpered.

“Turn around,” Ryan growled.

She did was she was told, taking the same position she was in but modifying it so that she was facing away from him and he was giving it to her in a what felt like a tsunami hitting her shoreline, completely wreaking havoc on everything he touched inside of her.  She yelled out his name as he slapped her ass, leaving red welts behind and making her slam down harder along his length.

It became a fact that they would come together as he reached around to flick her pleasure button.  As soon as she broke the wave, she felt him pour deep inside of her as he let out a deep groan.

“Fuck,” they breathed out together, both panting in beat to the tune by Sneaker Pimps that was now filtering through the speakers.

“Well, you can line that up as the best photo shoot I’ve ever done,” Ryan quietly to himself as Cassandra handed him her business card after they finished getting dressed and took a few more pictures to finish out the shoot.

“If you ever need anymore professional shots for an ad or something, don’t hesitate to give me a call,” she winked at him as he pulled her in for one last kiss and a squeeze of her ass.

“How about I just call you when I want to get off just from hearing your voice?” he joked.  “Thanks for the memorable shoot, Cassandra,” he whispered huskily into her ear before releasing her.  He enjoyed how her name just rolled off the tongue and was left wishing he had known it before he pounded deep into her.  She smiled as he walked towards the door.  He suddenly stopped and turned before opening it and said, “Make sure you throw Sharp off his game, he’s on the opposite team,” he grinned before turning and walking out the door.

“This is going to be one hell of a day,” Cassandra whispered to herself as she picked up her camera and sauntered over to the open doorway, eyeing up the all too familiar green-eyed Blackhawk.  What is it with the Thunder Bay boys with beautiful eyes? I just can’t help myself.

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