Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Help Me Remember - Mike Richards One-Shot

Help Me Remember

I know that you're leavin'
As soon as the sun
Comes through the window
There's no talking this over
The damage is done
There's just too much hurt
Too much to forgive
Oh, but we both know
We weren’t always like this

Help me remember
The way that we used to be
When nothin' else mattered
"cause you were lovin' me
Just for the night, one last time
One more good memory
When I look back
That's what I wanna see

Oh, help me remember

Those days that were so good
Those nights that we held
Held on forever
When we weren't pretenders
We were as real as we felt
Oh, I don't want to fight anymore
Don't want the last thing I hear tonight
To be a slammin' door
Baby, let it be like before

This could be the last time
I look in your eyes
-- Rascal Flatts

She walked into the house and slammed the door behind her.  I flinched as the sound reverberated throughout the empty building that used to be a home for us. 

So much had changed since the first time I carried her through that door, with her legs wrapped around my waist, kissing passionately and barely making it to the dining room table where I ripped her shirt to shreds and laid kisses over her lace covered breasts.

We couldn’t get enough of each other that first year.  I’ll never forget coming home from an away trip and practically racing home so that I could get upstairs to our bedroom and make love to her.  The smell of her was everywhere throughout the house.  Whether it was her shower gel in the bathroom, or the fragrance of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies; it always made me smile.

Things between us had been magical.  We met at a charity event.  She was working with the Children’s Hospital in Philly and had been one of the coordinators for the event.  We had an open skate with several of the children who were healthy enough to be out of the confines of the hospital.  Darcy was the one who introduced me to the two kids I would have skating on either side of me for the hour.

She was petite, with long, stick straight blonde hair and bright blue eyes that shined like diamonds in the ocean when she smiled.  Our eyes connected when she introduced herself to me.  I knew I had to have her when her hand touched mine.  As much as I enjoyed skating with the kids, the event couldn’t be over fast enough.

Now, I was just willing time to slow down to a caterpillar crawl.  Tomorrow morning was going to be coming too fast.

The bomb was dropped.  He was moving to LA and wanted me to come along.  Of course the decision was on me, but I felt the pressure with every look he gave me.

Our relationship had been a whirlwind.  The soft spoken captain had swept me off my feet, but I had decided that I was not meant to be his Cinderella.  I had a career that I had worked too hard to just give up and move on.  Sure, there were hospitals like CHOP, out in LA, but my heart was carved in Philly and it was where I was meant to stay.  My family was here.  My life was here.  My heart was going to LA, but with everything else in this world, you move on.

My friends said I was crazy for telling him no.

“But you won’t need a job…” my best friend Katy exclaimed.

“You two are perfect together; he’s your soul mate,” my older, over dramatic sister, Tessa cried.

But they were wrong.  I needed my job.  It was my job that made me the person I had become today.  I refused to be degraded to just a hockey wife.

He was not my soul mate.  He was just someone who reminded me why I was never going to get married.  I knew from a young age that I would be a single woman until the day I died.  I was never one for long term commitment and neither was he.  Just like the majority of his teammates, he couldn’t keep it in his pants.  Sure, I knew that I was the one who meant something to him, but each time it was degrading, despite the sorrowful declarations. 

Some might say I was the one playing with him.  However, he knew from day one that I was not going to be the one to take the plunge.  I warned him not to fall in love with me.  He never listened and it seems my heart never got the memo either.

I heard the news in the cafeteria.

“Philly’s party boys are moving on.”

“The LA Kings are now the Flyers of the West.”

My heart broke into a million pieces.  The fairy tale was over.  I was never going to have it all, but tonight, we were going to make sure we crammed forever into the next several hours.

“How was your day?” I asked her quietly as she moved into the kitchen, laying a fresh load of Italian bread and a bottle of wine on the counter.  I had promised myself that I would act like nothing was going to be different tomorrow; that I was getting on the plane and would be returning after another long road trip.

She leaned stiffly into me, kissed me cooly on the cheek and immediately pulled away like I had some sort of disease. “We just received a new grant to re-do the family wing of the hospital.  Some anonymous donor…” she faded off.  When I dared to look, I found her eyes curiously staring at me.

“Oh, that was nice,” I mumbled, quickly looking away from her suddenly feeling the need to stir the pasta that I had already begun preparing.

I froze when I felt her small hand wrap firmly around my bicep.  I was a strong, muscular man, but this fragile woman could stop me in my tracks every time.

The monetary donation was the least I could do after the last several weeks of hell I had put her through.  After all my incessant begging and selfishness, it seemed to be the right thing to do.  I felt like it was a truce, a gift to say, “I will support you in your decision.”  I had ruined our last few weeks together by arguing constantly.  I also ruined it by not always being faithful.  I had changed my ways, but it had already taken its toll and rightfully so, she was never able to fully trust me enough to tell me she loved me.  Slamming doors, loud arguments, tears, and silent treatments had become the sounds that filled the home as soon as I asked her to move to LA with me.  Tonight was going to be the end of that.  We needed to go back to the beginning; we needed to have a good memory to part on.

“Thank you Mike,” she whispered.

I turned to her and looked into her bright blue eyes I had been captivated by over a year ago.  I wanted to say that I loved her and beg for the millionth time for her to come with me, but instead I wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled her against me.  She looked searchingly into my eyes and parted her lips right before I crashed mine onto them.

Her lips were as familiar as the feel of your favorite childhood blanket.  They molded to mine and predicted every movement, orchestrating the kiss to progress into something deeper.  I heard her shut off the stove before I picked her up into my arms and carried her up to the bedroom that would be ours for one last night.  The early evening sun still poured through the blinds, casting romantic shadows over the bed when I laid her on it.

That familiar burn instantly came back as I crawled backwards towards the center of the bed.  The hungry look in his eye made me shiver.  That look hadn’t been there for some time; life had gotten in the way.

I bit back a groan when he crossed his arms in front of him while reaching for the bottom hem of his dark grey, form-fitting t-shirt.  When he pulled it up over his head, his arms were flexing, showing the strength I had become accustomed to.  His abdomen was taught and I fought back the urge to just reach out and run my fingertips over the indentations.  He was all man.  This was no pansy-ass paper pusher.  His body was a machine that was built to do work on the ice and throw iron hits on anyone that dared to come close.  Though, tonight, his body was made for loving me.

His jeans rested right on his hips, his boxers hugging about an inch above.  I rested back onto my elbows and watched the show.  His hair was at my favorite length, the thick curls just coming into prominence, accentuated by a little gel.  He always had a roguish look about him, today that was highlighted by the fact that he hadn’t shaved in a couple days.  It was exactly how I would remember him when I looked back to this night.

“Darcy, you’re licking your lips,” he smiled coyly.

“I’m hungry,” I said in low tones.

He threw his head back and laughed.  God, I’ve missed that laugh the last few weeks.  We had both been hurting. No one wanted to remember that this affected both of us.

I squeaked in surprise when his large hands wrapped around my ankles and pulled me to the edge of the bed towards him.  My pencil skirt shimmied up my thighs, exposing the fact that I was barely wearing enough material to be considered underwear.  He bent my legs so that my feet rested on the bed and I was spread-eagle for him, leaving me in the vulnerable position he so enjoyed.

He made a low noise before reaching out with a hand and cupping my already wet sex.  I jumped, despite already knowing what he was going to do.  He did it every time, like it was his calling card in bed and every time it began with me letting out a long moan.  His thumb gently rubbed circles over my clit, as if he tuning me up to put me in the right frame of mind.  However, I was already there.  My breaths shortened and he pushed two large fingers into my core.  I gasped when he began pumping them in and out of me and soon I was crying out and fisting my hands into the comforter as I allowed the orgasm to roll over me.

When I opened my eyes to look at him, I couldn’t help but smile, knowing it was only the first of many for the night.  He smiled back and unbuttoned his jeans, allowing them to just fall to the floor.  It was obvious he too was ready for a long night.

She was like a Stradivarius Violin; handcrafted and tuned to perfection with my hands.  Her voice was music to my ears when she came at the work of me.  I reached down and grabbed her wrists, pulling her up, off the bed and pulled her against me.  She sighed and pulled herself into me, holding tightly.  Her scent brought a haze to my head; I was going to miss this.  Her hands slid down my back before coming to rest on my ass.  She squeezed firmly and began laying kisses on my chest.  I hissed when she bit one of my nipples, but she knew I loved it.  After kissing every inch of my torso, she stretched back up and silently begged me to kiss her on the lips.

The kiss was demanding, easily deepening with every stroke of the tongue.  My hands were woven into her hair and her nails were dragging lazily up and down my back.  The urgency to be slow was there, but our bodies were pushing forward.  Just like I had done the first time we made love, I ripped the thin material of her shirt and threw it onto the floor with my jeans.  I was not about to part from her lips at the moment.  With an easy flick of the fingers, her bra was next and with a shake of the hips, she was completely naked against me.

I was to the point that I wanted to pick her up and throw her on the bed, but she got out from my grip and suddenly dropped to her knees.  No way was I in the right mind to argue with what she was promising to do.

Slowly, she rolled down my boxers, by sliding her long, perfectly manicured fingers underneath the waistband and pulling it slowly over my aching length.  The hungry smile that crossed her lips when it stood freely at a tension, made me groan in anticipation.

Threading my fingers into her hair, I pulled her towards the prize she had uncovered.  She laughed lightly, wrapped her hand around my dick and firmly ran it up and down a few times before taking it into her mouth.  She immediately moaned, almost sending me through the roof.  Darcy never had a problem with blowing me, in fact she made it known several times it was her favorite thing to do.  No guy could argue with that when she was as good as her.  After a few times of slowly taking in the full length of me, she pulled back, spit on my dick for extra lubricant and set a pace with her mouth and hand.  Up and down her head moved as her hand spiraled around my thick length.  The noises of our enjoyment echoed in the room.  Within a short-time I was crying out my warning, despite knowing she would take every drop in her pretty mouth.  Before she got up off the floor, she smacked her lips and winked at me.  I helped her up and playfully threw her onto the bed.

I was definitely going to miss sucking him off.  He had always tasted so good and I never got tired of hearing him groan and grunt when made him feel good.

A squeak escaped my mouth when he pounced me onto the bed.  We always had fun in the bedroom; there was never a dull moment.  Even tonight, with the pending morning light goodbye, we still laughed.

“Don’t ever grow up,” I giggled in between kisses.  His warm body was straddled over top of me.

“Don’t ever stop smiling,” he growled into my ear, making me screech from the feeling of it.  I tried pushing him off of me, but he wouldn’t budge.  “Try all you want Darcy, but I don’t plan being farther than a few inches from you at a time.”

I bit my lip and suddenly found myself mentally yelling at the tears that were threatening to come.  This was quickly becoming more emotional than I ever thought it would be.  Mike must have noted this though because he began lightly tickling me and soon had his head buried between my thighs, giving my mind something else to focus on.

He was a master with his tongue and he knew it.  I threw my head back onto the bed and sucked in a breath as he twirled a circular pattern around my already sensitive pleasure button.  My hands buried into his hair, but no guiding was necessary for this veteran.  Long laps alternating with gentle sucking, and I was calling out his name in a matter of moments.  By the second orgasm, I was pulling myself away from him, afraid I would lose consciousness.

“Honestly Mike.  I can’t take anymore…” I panted.

“You’re no fun, baby,” he chuckled.  “Your screams never told me that you wanted me to stop,” he continued, my favorite lisp seeming even more noticeable with his swollen lips.

I reached up and grabbed onto his arms, pulling him down on top of me.  “I want you inside of me, Richards,” I begged into his ear.  “I want you to remind me of all the good times we’ve had together over this past year and everything I’ll be missing.”  At that I gently bit him on the neck.

He effortlessly picked me up and switched positions so that he was lying on the bed and I was straddled on top of him.  I braced myself on his chest before screwing myself down over his dick.  We stared silently at each other as my muscles stretched for him for one of the last times.

I loved her on top of me.  My hands would always cradle her c-cup orbs as she bounced up and down.  Her long, blonde hair was almost always a mess at this point, giving her my favorite just woke-up look.  She was beautiful.  We mumbled incoherent words when I bottomed out inside of her. 

This act had everything to do with us and nothing to do with all the other things that had happened in the last year.  It was all about the pleasure and nothing to do with the pain we had experienced before and the pain we were probably going to endure once the sun came up tomorrow.

Every time she moved down, I thrust up and soon she was coming once again, crying out my name loudly, as if it was meant to be a reminder to herself that it would be the last time she would be doing so.  I couldn’t think about how much I didn’t want this to end, because she felt too good to think about reality.  Her muscles began to tighten and if I wasn’t careful, we were going to come too soon.  I quickly pulled her off of me and flipped back down onto the bed.

She crawled into the middle of the bed once again, giving me the familiar look of, “You know what I want.”  I couldn’t say know.  I positioned myself between her legs and put them on my shoulder.  Before entering her, I kissed her toes.  She squeaked in delight when I leaned down overtop of her, bringing her knees flat against her chest.  When I entered her again, her fingers dug deep into my back.  I would have a reminder of that for the next couple days.  Darcy was flexible and in this position she said it was a guarantee to hit her g-spot.  It was also a guarantee that she would begin the string of profanity laced cries, designed to make me go hard and fast.

“Mike, fuck me.  Hate fuck me.  I want you to remind me what I’ll be missing by not coming out to LA with you,” she growled.

“You will fucking miss me,” I clenched my jaw.  “No one else will make you feel the way I do, Darcy.” I continued, practically spitting into her ear.  “You fucking love me, but you just won’t admit it because I ruined it by being with a few others,” I spouted honestly.

“Well, now you don’t have to worry about me anymore,” she cried as I pounded deeply into her.  “You will have more than enough girls in your bed to help you forget about me.”

“And every time they cry out my name, I’ll still be wishing it was you.”  It was soft on my part to say that, but I could only speak the truth at this moment.  “Fuck Darcy, don’t leave me in the morning.”

“And you call me selfish, Richards.  You have your dream, let me have mine,” she spouted.

“You got yours when I fucked you for the first time,” I whispered as she began to come hard.  She shivered and left out a whimper.  “You love me Darcy,” I pushed, barely able to finish the sentence as my bright lights of my own orgasm began to overtake me.

“Mike!” she cried.

“Say it, girl.”

“I love you!”

He got me to say the words I had swore I’d never say.  In fact he got me to yell them several more times throughout the night.  I sighed as I thought about all the anger, love and sweat that consumed the dark hours.  His arm wrapped possessively around my waist as we lay spooned together in the middle of the bed.  I reluctantly opened my eyes to find that the sunshine was beginning to enter the room.

Today was the day everything would change.

Last night was the night I would always remember.

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